Academic Discounts

Interorbital Systems subsidizes launch costs for recognized academic and research missions

CPM Launch

Launch of the CPM 1.0 carrying academic and commercial payloads

Investing in the Future

In order to assist scientific research and the development of new technologies, Interorbital Systems provides discounts to academic and research payloads. New research and technological advances are central to the success of the space industry. Over 50% of IOS' current launch manifest consists of partially to completely academic payloads, including payloads from universities around the world, US military academies, and high school groups.

Interorbital Systems provides a tax-free launch in accordance with US government policies on tax-exempt research projects. Without tax-exempt status, an 8.25% sales tax is required in addition to commerical launch pricing. IOS also subsidizes these launches in addition to tax discounts.

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Requirements to receive discount

- The payload is purchased by a recognized academic institution of any level

- The primary customer is either student or faculty/educator at the same academic institution

- The majority of collected data (over 50%) is not intended for a potentially profit-bearing venture

- Customer has proof of tax-exempt status from the pertaining government body