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Interorbital Systems introduces its Next-Generation Satellite Kits and a LunarStation

June 20, 2019

For those seeking the ultimate satellite-building experience at the lowest possible price...

Press Release

NEPTUNE Liquid Upper-Stage Engine Flight Test 1

June 30, 2018

The IOS rocket team successfully completed a low-altitude flight-test of its orbital vehicle's liquid upper-stage rocket engine...

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NEPTUNE Liquid Upper-Stage Engine Test

February 21, 2018
GPRE 075

The IOS rocket team successfully completed the first test of Interorbital's NEPTUNE series launch vehicle's liquid...

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Interorbital Preps for NEPTUNE Test Launch

October 2017, Sat Magazine
CPM 2.0

In the High Desert of California, the nation’s proving ground (and airspace) for advanced space launch vehicles, and the HQ for many of the companies of...

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The Next Moon Landing Is Near

August 2017, National Geographic
Erik Reedy

Researchers and entrepreneurs pursue a question for the ages: Can someone make money venturing into the great beyond? The youthful...

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CPM 2.0 Assembly Completed

April 3, 2017
CPM 2.0

Assembly of Interorbital Systems' new Common Propulsion Module (CPM) 2.0 marks a shift in the company's rocket technology towards a more easily...

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Space Startups Are Booming in the Mojave Desert

February 20, 2017, Fortune Magazine
CPM 1.0

Inside a series of nondescript buildings in the driest desert in North America, an entrepreneurial enclave is chasing the next frontier of commerce. Explosions are routine...

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IOS Satellite Kits in Orbit

January 23, 2017
Satellite Deployment

Two TubeSat satellites purchased from Interorbital Systems' satellite kit packages were deployed into orbit from the International Space Station...

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Filament Winder Completed

October 2, 2016
Filament Winder

Engineers at Interorbital Systems completed the design and construction of a filament winder, a composite assembly tool which rapidly constructs...

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Mobile Rocket Launch System Completed

December 6, 2015
Mobile Land Launch System

Interorbital Systems' innovative Mobile Land Launch System was completed, facilitating flexible suborbital launches of an IOS CPM from any site...

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CPM TV Launched

March 29, 2014
CPM TV Launch

The launch of the Common Propulsion Module Test Vehicle (CPM TV) marked Interorbital Systems' first launch of the NEPTUNE series earlier today. CPM TV successfully...

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Engine Qualified for Upcoming Launch

October 10, 2013
Engine qualifying test

A short-duration engine burn at Interorbital Systems' test facility today qualified their engine in preparation for the company's upcoming...

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Main Rocket Engine Test Successful

October 28, 2012

The first test firing of Interorbital Systems' new General Purpose Rocket Engine (GPRE) was a success earlier today, when IOS employees...

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IOS Tests New Vernier Thruster

May 27, 2012
Vernier thruster test

Interorbital Systems successfully tested its new Vernier thruster technology today at a test facility near the Mojave Air and Space Port...

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IOS Awarded NASA SBIR Award

November 10, 2011

Interorbital Systems was selected as the recipient of the NASA Small Business Innovation Research award, recognizing its leadership in the...

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