Interorbital Systems (IOS) is a rocket, satellite, and spacecraft manufacturing company and launch-service provider founded in 1996 by Roderick and Randa Milliron. Our facilities at the Mojave Spaceport include a 6,000-sq ft manufacturing and engineering building and two rocket engine test sites. The company is developing three different orbital launch vehicles, the NEPTUNE, the TRITON, and the TRITON Heavy. These rockets will give Interorbital Systems the ability to launch payloads from 80-kg to 6,100-kg into a 500-km polar orbit. IOS is committed to providing reliable and affordable space-launch solutions for Earth orbit and Solar System.

Mojave Air and Space Port

Interorbital Systems is located at the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California. A hotbed of innovation in the private space industry, the spaceport boasts manufacturing facilities, hangars, dedicated test sites, and a large pool of space engineering talent. IOS was one of the first companies to establish itself in 1996 at the now-bustling spaceport, which was the first US spaceport licensed for horizontal launches of reusable spacecraft.