Two-Person Gemini Spacecraft

Preliminary Description and Pricing

Interorbital Systems is currently developing a manned space capsule, specifically purposed to transport paying passengers to and from low Earth orbit. Our plan is to offer these orbital expeditions for, by industry standards, the relatively affordable price of $10 million per person (preliminary). We have designated our orbital spacecraft CREW MODULE-1. The CREW MODULE-1 is based on the Mercury/Gemini spacecraft design and will carry two passengers and remain in orbit for up to twelve hours (completing approximately eight orbits around the Earth). The spacecraft will operate under computer control (autonomously, like the SpaceX Dragon control system) with no pilot---only the two passengers on board

These orbital missions will launch from a dedicated ocean platform with the capsule's landing and recovery taking place at sea near the same location where the orbital expedition began 12 hours earlier. If you are interested in participating in an orbital space mission or if you have any questions, please call (+1) 661.965.0771 or email us at